Renovation, Step By Step

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Renovation, Step By Step

Renovation, Step By Step

From the first idea to the finished project, there's a great deal to think about when you decide to renovate. By following the eight steps listed below, you'll make sure you have answers to all the important questions, and have a well-laid plan for getting the job done.

Step 8. Give the final thumbs-up

Always get a written contract describing the work to be done, what it will cost and how payments will be made. Never agree to anything before you have it in writing.

As the work winds down, make sure that it has been done to your satisfaction and according to your contract. Never make the final payment or sign a certificate of work completion or any other document releasing the renovator from further responsibility until all deficiencies are corrected. Don't release the lien holdback until the registration period for mechanics' liens has passed and any outstanding liens have been paid.

Once the project is finished and life returns to normal, sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labours. If you prepared yourself well, you'll find your hard work has really paid off.

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