Renovation, Step By Step

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Renovation, Step By Step

Renovation, Step By Step

From the first idea to the finished project, there's a great deal to think about when you decide to renovate. By following the eight steps listed below, you'll make sure you have answers to all the important questions, and have a well-laid plan for getting the job done.

Step 6. Don't worry about the mess

It's no fun living on a construction site. In fact, if the renovations are major, you may want to consider moving out for a while. Of course, this isn't always possible. Be sure at least to find out from your renovator what kinds of disruptions you can expect.

For example, water and electricity may have to be turned off, heavy equipment brought in, or sanding done at some stage of your project. As the work progresses, ask for specific dates and times so that you and your family can plan around them.

You'll also want to negotiate the times workers start and finish each day, and whether they'll work on weekends. Renovators often keep several jobs goings at once, especially during the busy summer season, so there may be days or even weeks between their appearances. These periods must be indicated in the renovator's work schedule.

Be aware that renovating can be a dirty job, or at least a very dusty one. If you decide to stay in your house, remove all furnishings and personal items from the work site. If you can't easily move something, cover it with a plastic sheet and seal it with duct tape.

Seal off doors to non-work areas and heating and ventilation ducts in the work area. Sealed-off areas will probably require a supplemental source of heat during the winter.

The Human Factor

A professional renovator and crew will always do their best to be considerate of your privacy and personal space. In turn, they will have certain needs, such as access to toilets, water and a telephone. Plastic runners leading to a toilet, water and a telephone will help keep your carpets and floors clean.

Tell your renovator what spaces and belongings are off-limits, and the times you do not want to be disturbed. If workers have habits that annoy you, discuss your concerns with the project manager or your renovator, not with individual crew members. If you allow smoking in your house, place ashtrays in the work area. Otherwise, ask workers to smoke outside.

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