Top 10 Mortgage Lenders in Alberta

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Top 10 Mortgage Lenders In Alberta

Alberta lenders are used to lending on homes with high appraisal values, as well as on properties including farmland, industrial and acreages, which means that Alberta requires different lending options than other provinces in Canada. Many mortgage brokers in Alberta favour one lender over another. Alberta Equity mortgage brokers favour only the mortgage lenders in Alberta who provide the best terms, service and rates to all Albertans based on the property and individual situation.

The top 10 rated mortgage lenders in Alberta are:

  1. Alberta Treasury Branch
  2. MCAP Mortgage Corporation
  3. First National Financial
  4. Resmor Trust
  5. Firstline Mortgage
  6. Macquarie Financial
  7. Bridgewater Bank
  8. First Calgary Savings
  9. Optimum Mortgage
  10. Scotiabank

Of course, there are dozens of lenders who will lend in Alberta, but the above list is condensed to include only those with top level service and products. Your Alberta mortgage broker can advise on which lender is best suited to your loan requirements and property type. Contact an Alberta Equity mortgage broker today or apply online.