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The Home Buying Process

Providing some of the lowest mortgage rates in Alberta is one thing, but demystifying the entire home purchasing process is just one of the other valuable services provided by Alberta Equity. Get the information you need right here. We help the first-time home buyer through every step of the mortgage process. Below is an outline of the steps we take to help you buy your home.

A step by step guide to buying a house

  1. The Introduction
    Learn all about Alberta Equity Mortgages and our lenders. Find a mortgage broker you are comfortable with and learn how we compare rates to get you the best possible mortgage.
  2. The Products
    Find out which mortgage is right for you. Whether it is a low doc mortgage or a straight forward, no frills, best rate mortgage. Also, learn the difference between variable rate and fixed rate mortgages.
  3. The Pre-Approval
    Find out what you qualify for (e.g. how much money and the interest rate) and learn how to apply online. There is no obligation or commitment by simply getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Alberta Equity pre-approvals typically come with a 120 day rate hold.
  4. The Appraisal
    Alberta Equity has access to a great network of home appraisers that will not only perform a timely appraisal of your home, but they offer special discounts to our clients!
  5. The Home Inspection
    Having a professional inspect your new home for defects and potential problems could save you thousands of dollars. Plus, learn how to negotiate a counter offer using a well documented home inspection.
  6. The Offer
    Once pre-approved, you are in a better negotiating position with the home seller. Get expert advice on making an offer or an effective counter offer, as well as insight in to local housing costs.
  7. The Purchase
    Learn the steps involved in making a purchase. This can include something as simple as specifying a condition date. And, remember to give yourself at least one week to finalize all financing.
  8. The Financing
    Get the mortgage financing you need on time. Learn how to pay off your mortgage faster by switching to accelerated bi-weekly payments.
  9. The Paperwork
    Your Alberta Equity mortgage consultant will explain all of the paperwork in detail that is required by the bank/lender.
  10. The Lawyer
    We will find you a reputable solicitor within your area, or we can send all paperwork to the solicitor of your choice.
  11. The Move
    We have put together tips on moving as well as a checklist of people and businesses to notify when you change your address.
  12. The Follow-up
    Mortgage rates have a history of changing quickly over a span of a few years. Have our professional team follow-up with you when mortgage rates are low, so you can learn how to break your mortgage and refinance to a new, lower interest rate mortgage.

Alberta Equity has helped over 50,000 people find and qualify for the best mortgages in Canada for over ten years. We do all of the heavy lifting and ensure that you get the best mortgage rates and product features available. Apply online for a free, no obligation consultation or alternatively, view our products and services.