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Moving Tips

The big move is fast approaching and you are now feeling the stress, but don't worry. By following a few simple steps, you can eliminate most of that stress from your move.

  1. Before moving into your new place, make a list of everything that needs to be repaired or painted. It is much easier and more cost effective having a room repainted or a new floor put down before furnishings are moved in to the space. Even replacing broken furnace vents and wall plates are much easier without furniture and appliances in the way.
  2. If you plan to hire movers, do not put it off to the last minute. Get at least three estimates from different moving companies and remember that cheaper is not always better. Once you decide to go with a mover, ask for at least two references, especially if you are moving out of province. Also, make sure there is a contract in place which specifies an agreed price, delivery time and your final destination.
  3. If you plan on moving yourself, consider renting a moving truck rather then using your own vehicle. Using your own vehicle usually results in added wear and tear, damage to the upholstery or exterior, and multiple trips.
  4. Don’t ask friends to help you move if at all possible. They will offer, but if something gets broken, it makes for an awkward situation. Plus, what if your friends injure themselves while helping move a heavy object? Instead, consider hiring professionals because they will take the most care in moving your possessions.
  5. If weather permits, have a yard sale a few weeks prior to the move. This not only gets rid of unwanted items, but you can put your profits towards the move. Alternatively, you can donate unwanted clothing or household goods to charitable organizations. Remember to obtain receipts showing the approximate value of the items for possible tax deductions.
  6. If you are moving expensive items, make sure they are insured. If these items are small, pack them yourself and take them to your new place in your own vehicle.
  7. In addition to your expensive items a few other boxes should go with you. Take valuables such as jewelry and family photo albums, important documents such as wills and contracts, and overnight supplies including a toothbrush, towel and a change of cloths to your new place. This will alleviate the stress around missing items or searching for necessities on your first night.
  8. Be sure to label contents clearly on the boxes. Make a complete inventory list and ensure that the number of boxes leaving your old place is equal to the number coming in to your new place.
  9. Before the movers leave, check for any new damage to the property or items being moved.
  10. Change your mailing address. Visit your local Post Office at least two weeks before your move date and fill out a Change of Address Notification Form. Canada Post will forward your addressed mail to your new home, within Canada, for six months for less than forty dollars. Here's a comprehensive list of companies to notify when moving.

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