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Moving Tips - Change of Mailing Address

A list of companies to notify

It is often difficult to remember who to notify when changing your address and most people forget or overlook their friends and family or companies that do not send mail every month. Therefore, we have created a list to help you remember who to contact when changing your mailing address:

It is extremely important to notify any banks, creditors and insurance companies. For example, it would be bad to have your insurance lapse or have a credit card go unpaid because the statements went to the wrong address. If left unpaid, it could increase your insurance premiums or damage your credit score. Even worse, someone could open your credit card statement and gain access to your card number! Also, remember to visit your local Canada Post office and have them forward your mail to your new home (for a fee).

Also, don't forget to notify friends and family, especially before the holiday season.

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