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Travel Financing

What is travel financing? There is nothing in banks' lists of products that would categorize a loan as travel financing, but it is basically any type of loan that will allow you to travel to a destination of your choice. Many people feel that taking their families on vacations to dream destinations is a good way to educate them and great way to create valuable new memories. Many Alberta Equity clients have decided to refinance their mortgage to take their family on a once in a lifetime journey to locations around the globe that they couldn't otherwise take them to.

Travel financing would be considered, by some people, to be unconventional or not worth the cost of borrowing for the use of the funds. Alberta Equity does not have an opinion about what our clients do with their equity. Not everyone spends their money the same way and some clients choose to use their money to further enhance their life experiences. Some Alberta Equity clients will not apply specifically for travel financing. They may choose to refinance to pay off outstanding debt, student loans or top up their RRSPs, but if they happen to have some funds left over, many do use them to travel.

We welcome and support all sorts of requests for financing. A request for travel financing is very common. Alberta Equity mortgage brokers can assist you regardless of the request. If you have the equity, we have the solution for you.

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