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Getting the Best Mortgage Rate in Canada

Getting the best rates in Canada doesn't require a membership to any exclusive clubs or associations. You don't need to know the secret handshakes, nor do you need to have all your bank accounts, RRSPs and investments tied to a bank to get access to their best products. There's an easier way, and that's going with a broker.

Here are some tips for getting the best mortgage rate in Canada:

When it comes down to applying for and getting the best mortgage rate in Canada, there is really only one important rule to go by: Always use a mortgage broker to obtain your mortgage. Mortgage brokers act in your best interests and they do not work for any one bank or trust company. If you talk to your banker, they will convince you that their product or rate is the best in the market for you. It is NOT. Bankers can only present you with their mortgage rates and products. They have no idea what else is out there for you and they will NEVER tell you that there is something better when there most certainly is. Bankers should be contacted for changes in your chequing account or personal loans only but NEVER to obtain the best rate. It just isn't possible.

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