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How easy is it to find a mortgage broker? It's really easy; in fact, you just found the best one in Alberta through this site. We're confident that you'll love us. We are one of the pioneers of online mortgage brokering in the entire country, not just Alberta. We started in Calgary in 2001 and since then, we've never changed the way we treat our clients and how well we provide the best possible rates and service that we can.

We've built our business on the need to understand our customers; we pride ourselves in our expertise in knowing how to cater to our clients' needs and in finding which mortgage products are best suited for them. Not all of our staff have Bachelors degrees in Economics or a Ph.Ds in Mathematics; the truth is that they don't need to. It doesn't take a genius to get you everything you want from your mortgage, it just takes a really good mortgage broker.

Choosing your mortgage broker is a very straight forward process with very few steps. More than anything, you just want to be on the lookout for some key characteristics:

If you need more info on how to find a good mortgage broker and you are not yet satisfied by the reasons we provided, better pick up the phone and call Alberta Equity. Once you speak with one of our qualified mortgage brokers, you will see why you will not need to look any further.

Alberta Equity has helped over 50,000 people find and qualify for the best mortgages in Canada for over ten years. We do all of the heavy lifting and ensure that you get the best mortgage rates and product features available. Apply online for a free, no obligation consultation or alternatively, view our products and services.