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Edmonton Mortgages

Edmonton is Alberta's Capital City with approximately one million residents. It is a major Alberta centre for employment and industry which also means that mortgages in Edmonton are vast and readily available. Properties in the Capital city range from urban, apartment style lofts in the downtown core to residential acreages in the outskirts of the city. Obtaining a mortgage for any one of these types of properties is easy given the wide variety of mortgage lenders and suppliers that are ready and willing to lend money in Edmonton. Aside from the large lenders and wholesale mortgage suppliers in Edmonton, we also have smaller localized lenders who are willing to setup and approve home loans. Edmonton mortgages range from one year fixed to 25 year fixed terms. Variable, adjustable and open mortgages are also available.

Dealing with a licensed and knowledgeable Alberta Mortgage broker can be a huge advantage for any potential Edmonton home buyer. They have insight into the Alberta market and are in touch with local services such as lawyers, appraisers, home inspectors and insurance providers.

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